суббота, 8 января 2011 г.


My name is Nastya (Anastasia). Catherine is my oldest sister. 
Catherine is looking her New Year's presents. 
 Some presents which we have got on New Year and Christmas.
Some creams:
1. Cream for hands (night)
2. Cream for feet
3. Scrub for face
4.Cream for hands (day)
Chocolate, little purse, cream make-up remover, scrub, liquid soap. 
Shampoo and oil SYOSS. 
 Illuminated Christmas tree figurine.
 My sister Catherine very likes Sponge Bob. There are some cute things with it.
This bank was painted by our friend. 

Colored tights.
 Some cute things.
 A dress is a main present for my sister on New Year.

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  1. Thank you! :)
    I like your blog ;)
    you two are pretty :)
    Oh yes, Gossip Girl is aweesome! :D